Reverse Yo Mama Jokes And My Need For Jesus


As a mother I wonder (read worry) sometimes about what my kids will think of me when they look back on childhood or how others look at my success or lack there of as a mother. Am I scaring them for life? How will they turn out? What if I’m not good enough? I know we all do this. It comes with the territory. If you want a really good Mother’s Day encouragement go read Matt Redmond’s post about the sermon he would preach if he had to do one for Mother’s Day. If you only read one Mother’s Day post this year, make it that one. Go now! It’s wonderful. If we are in Christ there is No. Condemnation. None.

I have a vivid memory from childhood. I was somewhere around 8 or 10 years old playing with my friend Rich in his front yard. We were probably playing football or skateboarding or had just watched Rocky III for the millionth time, because Tomboy. *Sidenote: I lived in the most awesome, most fun neighborhood in the history of ever. The end.* Anyway, we were having a friendly argument about which one of our moms was better at being a Christian. It was kinda like reverse Yo Mama Jokes or the Christian Mom version of My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad. It went something like this….
“My mom is such a good Christian she reads the Bible, like all the time.”   “Well, my mom reads the Bible and listens to Christian music!”   “Oh yeah?!? Well, my mom reads the Bible, listens to Christian music and sews! At the same time!”
Now, clearly our theology was a little lacking, but what we both knew was that our mamas loved Jesus and that was important to us and them.

I just started reading this book called Churchy by Sarah Condon. It’s a memoir of a wife, mother, and Episcopal priest. It’s hilarious and snarky and full of the Gospel. Im just a few chapters in, but so far I’m loving it. In the introduction she is writing about a conversation she had with someone who asked what she hoped regular church attendance would teach her kids. Her reply was: “Oh, that’s easy… That their Mama really, really needs Jesus.”

Yes! That’s what I want my kids to know! When my kids think back on who I was as their mother, I want them to know that I really needed Jesus. In my failure and in my success, I needed Jesus. When I loved them well and when I tired of their ridiculousness, I needed Jesus. When I made their lunches for the gazillionth time and when I said make your own lunch, I needed Jesus. When I was patient and kind and when I flew off the handle and yelled, I needed Jesus. When I cussed under my breath while  someone was puking at 1:27 in the a.m. and when I happily snuggled next to a child home from school with a fever, I needed Jesus. When I was first saved and every single second of my life thereafter, I needed Jesus. I needed Jesus for my forgiveness, for my redemption, for my adoption as a child of God, for my joy, for my satisfaction, for my contentment, for my loving others, for serving my family and my church body and my neighbors; I needed Him because of my inability to do all these things myself. I don’t have a magic formula, or have any idea how to make sure they know this,  I need Jesus for that too. So that’s my prayer for my kids and your kids. No matter how old they are or whether they’ve not even been born yet, I want them to look back and know that in all of it we needed Jesus. And I pray that one day the Lord will work in their hearts so that they will understand that they need Him too, because only He is able.

Love y’all,


p.s. Angry Naked Picture is shown above for the sole purpose of spreading joy in the hearts of all who see it. You’re welcome.

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