Laughing’s my favorite.

I love to laugh. I know that isn’t special and doesn’t make me different than anyone else. But, it’s true. I love to laugh. I love it when Jonathan makes me laugh. I love laughing with my friends. I love laughing at/with my kids. I love to laugh at myself (sometimes I think I’m the funniest person I know!). I love the kind of laughing that makes tears roll down my cheeks, makes my abs hurt, and makes me afraid I’m gonna pee my pants.

I feel I haven’t laughed much in the past year or so. The heaviness of life has weighed down my heart. There has been a seriousness surrounding me. The difficulty of life for so many that I love, and trials in my own life have made it harder to laugh. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that all of life is terrible and I’m unhappy. In the midst of all the difficulty there has been joy, and much to rejoice about, and a greater spiritual peace than I’ve had in years. But I’ve missed the laughter.

I truly believe laughter is a gift from God. It is a taste of heaven here on earth. Sunday morning before church I read Psalm 126. It’s about the joy and thanksgiving of Israel, because of the Lord bringing them back from captivity. Verse 2 says:
Then our mouth was filled with laughter,
And our tongue with joyful shouting,
And they said among the nations
“The Lord has done great things for them.”

That’s what the Lord has done for me, for each of us. He has restored us, brought us back from captivity, thru the love and sacrifice of Christ our Redeemer. It doesn’t make life easier. There is still much difficulty and sadness. But, God. There is joy because of Him. When we are finally and fully restored, I believe there will be much laughter.

After reading Psalm 126 I posted verses 1-3, and 5 on Facebook. Then I went to church. And guess what the call to worship was…. that’s right it was Psalm 126:1-3. I saw that in the bulletin and I laughed.

The first half of this last week and the all of the week before were hard and emotionally draining. These past few days though, I have laughed. I mean really laughed. With my family and with my friends. And I am so thankful. It has been good for me. It has been good for my heart. It has been good for my soul. The circumstances of life haven’t really changed. The Lord didn’t swoop in and “fix” anything. But, maybe He gave me a different perspective that has made it easier for me to laugh. My eyes on Him instead of on me. I credit much of this change of perspective and attitude to the faithful prayers of loving friends. I am thankful to the Lord for the joy that His Salvation affords and the laughter that is a taste of things to come. I pray that each of us would in thanksgiving and joy remember that the Lord has restored us and done great things for us in Jesus, and then look forward to the joy and laughter that is coming, and be able to have joy and laughter in the here and now.

Love y’all,


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